Taxi service in Perugia has been offered by associated taxi drivers since 1989, first by the Consortium of Taxi Drivers Perugia, and now by the Cooperative of Taxi Drivers Perugia, founded in 2009 with headquarters in Via S. Tommaso d’Aquino, 17/19.

Today, our structure counts 50 professional drivers that, having passed a qualifying aptitude exam, have all been enrolled in the Driver’s Registry. In addition, all drivers have obtained a certificate of professional qualification.

Our fleet, composed of sedans, station wagons, vans and minivans, allows us to offer a complete and diversified service that will satisfy our clients’ every need.

OUR SERVICE: we offer extremely fast and professional service to get around, not only in the city and the area of Perugia but also for work or pleasure trips, to and from any location in the national territory.


Our services:

  • private or shared trips,
  • transport to any destination,
  • transport to and from airports,
  • transport to and from hotels, motels, hostels, agriturisms,
  • transport for conventions, meetings, fairs or rallies,
  • transport service for sporting events,
  • transport to and from discos and night clubs,
  • transport for several days,
  • transport along recommended tourist routes, or special routes on request,
  • transport along archeological, and wine and food tasting itineraries,
  • shopping services,
  • accompanying services to hospitals and pharmacies,
  • transport service of goods/bags and medicine delivery.


We also offer a series of services dedicated to companies and professionals that require the maximum flexibility and security in their travel arrangements. We quickly respond to requests for estimates, and we guarantee payments through the use of credit cards..